"To all of the wonderful people we met along the way we say thank you, and God bless."


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"No Man Stands So Tall As When He Stoops To Help A Child"

Below you will find a history of some of the IronDad Shrinemason's activities


A one-man, 37 day, 1614 mile (2614 km) trek along the Pacific coast from Canada, through the United States to Mexico. On a daily basis, the miles were covered by a combination of running,cycling,and whenever possible, ocean swimming. This trip was funded purely from personal sources, with no outside money sought or received. It is a gesture from one Shriner, and his family. It is their way of contributing to "The World's Greatest Philanthropy"

The Route?

The Triathlon began June 16th 1998 in Victoria, BC and ended 37 days and 1614 miles later down the Pacific Coast Highway in Tijuana, Mexico.

It's Purpose?

This trip was a special event to increase awareness of, and to give recognition to the important work done by the Shriners and the Shriners Hospitals For Children. This charity is completely funded by the Shrine Organization, and operates at no cost whatsoever to the patient or their family. This journey was not about raising money, it was about meeting people and sharing information. It was about saying "Thank you" to the Masons, Shriners and their families for supporting these charitable endeavors.

About The Triathlete

Al Malaikahan Noble Mark Elliott is a Canadian-born resident of Southern California. This journey has long been a personal dream. The realization of which is made all the more special by it's tribute to Donald McDiarmid and Gordon May.

In preparation for this personal odyssey, he began intense physical training in the summer of 1997. He worked on running, swimming and bicycling every day, keeping this goal in mind. In preparation for this journey Mark went from 312 down to 197 pounds, a total weight loss of 115 pounds!

Elliott became a Shriner in 1994 with Al Azhar Temple (Calgary, AB) and he is a member of Zetland Lodge #83 (Calgary, AB), Fellowship Lodge #668 (Yucaipa, CA), San Bernardino Valley Scottish Rite (San Bernardino, CA), Orange Belt Shrine Club (Redlands, CA), and Al Malaikah Temple (Los Angeles, CA).

Mark is proud to be a Freemason, Scottish Rite Mason and a Shriner. "The family of Freemasonry is one of the most fulfilling things that a man and his family can be involved with. God has blessed our family with two beautiful healthy children. This trip, and our involvement with the Shrine is our way of helping other parents and their kids who are not as fortunate."

This endeavor has been inspired by the lives of two fine Masonic gentlemen. These men enriched the lives of all who knew them, and many who didn't. It is to them that this triathlon is dedicated.

Gordon May and Donald McDiarmid

Here are a few photos from the


Getting off the Ferry from Victoria B.C.

Oyster Shucker

Rainy Weather

in Washington

TJ sends his Papa off on a swim

Ready for the Pacific?

More liquid sunshine

Enjoying the Oregon coast

Ya gotta love the beach

Joel and Jacqui's visit meant a great deal to us

Even in Texas they don't grow'em this big

Avenue of the Giants

Long and winding road just before
the big climb up Leggett hill

City by the Bay

Visiting Shriners Hospital
For Children in L.A.

Sand Fez

One last campfire

Next stop, Mexico

Ya hoo!
Tijuana Mexico 1614 miles from Victoria BC

Click here to visit the Shriners Hospitals for Children's site about the TRIBUTE TRIATHLON !


The IRONDAD SHRINEMASON completes Full Vineman Triathlon

On July 31st 1999 The Irondad Shrinemason hit the Russian River at 6:30 am. After completing the 2.4 mile swim he cycled 112 miles through the Sonoma wine country and then followed that up with a marathon run of 26.2 miles through the vineyards in and around Santa Rosa California. As per his goal he completed the Ironman distance Vineman Triathlon.

Here are a few photos..................

Feeling fresh

Ready to roll

It was a very long but rewarding day.

One goal down but lots more to come!

On Saturday August 4th 2001 The IRONDAD Shrinermason set his sights on helping to promote awareness of the Shriners Hospitals For Children at the International Newline Triathlon World Long Distance Championship which began at 8:00 am, Saturday August 4th 2001 in Fredericia Denmark. This is was a full Ironman distance triathlon.
Mark had a great swim, despite a few encounters with Jellyfish in the chilly waters off the Danish shore. He then hopped on his bike and was off to tackle the 112 mile cycling portion of the event. At the 55 mile point of the race he experienced a mechanical breakdown on his bike and was unfortunately unable to go any further.
This was a disappointment to say the least. However the experience as a whole was tremendous and the support he received from the media, public and Masonic fraternity was overwhelming.

What's On The Horizon You Say?
Nothing is written in stone but he is determined

Starting in mid June 2005 The IRONDAD Shrinemason has set his sights on helping to promote awareness of the Shriners Hospitals For Children by swimming, cycling and running from Canada to Mexico.
This journey will be even longer than the 1614 mile Tribute Triathlon he undertook in 1998.

Know a child we can help?
Please call toll free:
1-800-237-5055 in the USA
1-800-361-7256 in Canada

Why we did what we did.

Why do what we do.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Shriners can be found by visiting the Official Shriners Homepage.

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To all of the wonderful people we met along the way we say thank you, and God bless.

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